Electric Ghost Webzine 451 – Review of Dark Angel

Voodoo Blues = Roadhouse

11th Album from the highly regarded South London blues band.

The Band comprises of the wonderfully named Gary Boner on guitar and vocals, Bill Hobley on bass, Roger Hunt on Drums, Danny Gwilym on guitar and Mandie.G on vocals, they are aided by a quartet of sizzling female vocalists Suzie.D, Rachel Clark, Kelly Marie Hobbs and Samantha Richards. Their influences include Lynrd Skynrd and Creedence Clearwater Revival.

Roadhouse at the Cambridge Rock Festival

They are very much a blues rock band but with a cluster of vocalists they have a very soulful sound. It is also quite a dark album. The title track ‘Dark Angel’ paints a dark picureof vunerability to outside forces Of the song ‘Too Tired To Pray’, Boner says “It’s about loss of hope, death of dreams, inertia, exhaustion of the soul, meltdown”. He has a facination with voodoo and gothic moods thats comes from visits to the the large graveyards in New Orleans, the so called ‘Cities of the Dead’. The cover art is by the legendary designer Vaughan Oliver, compliments the music perfectly. A passionate slice of dark delights for troubled souls.

Lee Edwards

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