Great Review of Roadhouse Live at The Cambridge Rock Festival – 21/1/12

What I like about festivals is the diversity of the music and bands. What followed next was a full-on twin guitar assault, as close to Southern Boogie as you can get north of the Thames Delta!. I am referringĀ of course, to Gary Boner’s Roadhouse, complete with old mucker Danny Gwilym on the other side of the stage. Add Mandie.G on the vocals, Bill Hobley on bass and Roger Hunt on drums, into the mix you have a stunning set of original material, save the amazing rendition of ‘Roadhouse Blues’.

Gary & Roger in Festival mode

Logistics meant that Mandy carried the weight of vocal duties, but as she told me it gave her a rare chance to take the limelight and she did not let herself or the Band down, especially on her ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Gary introduces each of his own song in an alomost apologetic manner, as they mostly deal with death, disease, voodoo and the devil, thats the blues I suppose!. But you can see the Band enjoy every minute, smiles in abundance. Showcasing material from the recent ‘Dark Angel’ release, their set is mind blowing, amongst other plaudits, but to me above all they entertain – a lesson other Bands should learn. Unfortunately for the two ‘headline’ acts. Three Piece Suite and Mr Pink, they had to follow such a rousing set, akin to after the Lord Mayors show.

Clive Rawlings, Blues Matters, Feb- March 12 Edition.

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