Roadhouse At The Famous Monday Night Blues Club – Mon 19/12/2011

It was an honour and a priviledge to play as the House Band at Philip Guy Davies annual Xmas extravaganza. This great club, run at the back of the Bullingdon in Oxford stares down the rescession and puts on top class music on Monday nights.

We were orginally scheduled to play this event in 2010, but the artic conditions put paid to that idea. This time out we were just fighting against residual December dampness. First we played a really ‘Go fo it’ styled first hour. We opened with Tellin Lies and blasted our way through a very well received 60 minutes, complete with encore.

The format then changed to us providing back line and whatever musical support was required to an entire array of talent that Philip had put together. It was great to see first hand the much vaunted Cherry Lee Mewis (most of the Band going on to catch her set at JAKS in the Skegness festival). Also on the play list were our own legends Jules & Lorna. They dynamic duo were well backed by Bill & Roger and were on top form. I only have to here the tone of that slide guitar and the force of that voice and a whole tribe of memories come running back, top notch stuff…..

On tour in Holland

The amazing 3rd Degree Le Burn toted some amazing guitar and there were other great musicians there to numerous to mention.

I managed to MC the whole thing to finish on time (Just about!). I think all there had one to remember!

A great night


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