Roadhouse Live at the Malt Shovel – Northampton – 15/2/2012

Our first gig at the famous Wednesday night live music sessions at the Malt Shovel. Mike has been running these for years and every major name on the circuit seems to be playing this great venue.

The space restictions meant that ot monitors had to be at the side and behind us and this lead to a few faux pas and dropping of the proverbial ball. All were guilty, but my personal fave was Danny’s  ‘ jazz’ intro to the Lying Game.  However, this makes it sound like it was a bad gig and this really was not the case. There was a real energy to the Band and the second set was once more on fire. The pub has a big Wednesday night audience which we unusually augmented with over 20 people who were running a JAKS/Skegness ‘reunion’. A big thanks to them and their cheers drove the band on.

'Danny's coming to getcha'

We alienated 4or 5 of the venues Blues ‘Nazis’, but the rest of the crowd were with us big time and it was comfortably into ‘Voodoo Queen’ and the encore ‘Preacher Man’. A massive thanks to Jim Soars out Publicist who helped us get this gig and came down and gave his support. Also to the 20 or so Roadhouse supporters who travelled over a wide range of distances to give us their support on a Wednesday night in Northampton. Much respect, we keep on rocking because of you.

We should be back here next year


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