Roadhouse Live at the Famous Monday Blues Club – Oxford – 22/10/2012

Now the legendary Philip Guy Davies club has moved to the Jericho Tavern, (other than the parking situation), everyone is loving it……

A great night for us saw the return to vocal duties of Kelly Marie Hobbs. Mandie and Sarah are currently the bands main singers but Kelly is top of the Dep list when we are playing in the South (Suzie.D when in the Midlands) and we really excited about her doing more work with us. What made this night even extra special was that Sarah came too and we had all 3 top female vocalists rocking out……

Roadhouse live at Blues At the FarmWith ten minutes to go crowd numbers were really thin, but by the time we were into our third number  things were much better. A large group of young foreign students came to the gig and loved it, we were posing for pictures with them afterwards.


Kelly was amazing, it was like she had never been away (other than the new hair colour!). It was great to be able to play the ‘Big Easy’ again and Kelly really blasted that one out!…..We are looking forward to her doing more shows when either Mandie or Sarah are not available


The crowd reaction was great all night and Sarah joined us on stage as we tried a 3 girl vocal with Mandie on lead, on ‘Knocking on Heavens Door’….Kelly was so full of sass she was even dishing out the verbals on stage, and ‘ Tellin Lies’ brought the set to a powerful close. Sarah joined us once more for the encore ‘Preacher Man’,… A great night at this nice new venue and we look forward to coming back next year

Great to see Darren Wisdom back in the crowd!


Roadhouse Live at Blues at the Farm




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