Roadhouse Live at the Memorial Hall, Newmarket, with the Ben Poole Band, 16/2/2013

Roadhouse Live at the  Memorial Hall, Newmarket, with the Ben Poole Band, 16/2/13

Thanks to the wonderful Cambridge Rock Festival (especially Dave and Adrian) team for inviting us to play on this great night. A giant stage, fantastic crowd and superb performance from Ben Poole, who is fastly emerging as one of the UK’s top guitar players. It was great to see our old bass comrade Barry Peters too!

Roadhouse live in Newmarket
” Roadhouse live in Newmarket

We played ‘God & Highways’ and ‘Hell on Wheels’ from the forthcoming CD, Gods and Highways and Old Guitars. Both numbers went down really well. The Band put on a great show, with lots of movement and energy on the big stage.  Mandie and Sarah were both on point with their solo songs and the tactic of opening with ‘Tellin Lies’ paid dividends, as the crowd were with us for the whole set.

Mandie rocks outIt was great to see so many friends that we last saw at the Skegness festival and they were rewarded, in my opinion, with one of the best Roadhouse performances in recent years. With a bit of luck we will now be on the bill for the Magnificent Cambridge Rock Festival taking place over the first weekend of August. Keep on rocking!


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