The Broadstairs Blues Bash (Festival) –The Wrotham Arms – 18/2/2011

It was our first time at this great festival. A massive thanks to Geoff for making it all possible and Jackie for having us at her lovely venue.

This was one of those festivals where each venue had a band on and people could circulate. We’d heard that the Wrotham Arms was the biggest and the best of the venues, so we were delighted to be asked to play there on the Friday night. The venue filled up quickly and by the time we opened the first set with ‘Too Tired To Pray’, people were ‘sardined’ all around the playing area .Some had to spill onto our makeshift stage to be able to access the toilets and from what we saw some people had difficulty moving just a few feet to the bar. It was so busy that It was hard to put a number on total size of the crowd.

With Sammy.C.Richards back in the fold (and well on form after her absence), singing with the legendary Mandie.G, the girls were the only females appearing at the festival. The whole band was on top form following our main stage appearance at Skegness and 2 long sets just flew by. At the end of the second encore the crowd were still shouting for more. In middle aged, knackered, desperation I shouted “Haven’t you got a home to go to”, “No” was the emphatic reply. So 3 encores it was as we finished with a version of ‘Watchtower”. A great night and hopefully we will be back at the festival and the Wrotham Arms or both…..thanks to all