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Roadhouse Live at Millers – Kirkby – Thursday 19th April 2012

Great to return to this A list venue after a 3 year break. Our last gig there had been a stormer, with the place being maxed out on a lovely sunny day. this time the whole frame and context for this show was darker. The rain was crashing down and the wonderful Rob who runs this fantastic music club is unwell (we were so sorry to hear that)…

This time the crowd numbers were unfortunately down. However, in the context of a venue in an area with some of the highest unemployment in the Country, it was a great crowd. I some times get overwhelmed with how people love our music enough to either make long journeys to see us or are local but still have to find the £8.00 entrance fee.

Mandie & Gary rock the Skegness Festival

It was a historic and in some ways difficult gig for the Band as due to the increase in my own personal health isssues we have been playing less, and after this show are coming off the road for 3 months in order to facilitate my surgery on the 8th May. We plan to restart gigging in August.

We tried to hit the ground running on this gig and opened with ‘Too Tired to Pray’ followed by ‘Rainmaker’. The feedback at the half time break was that the sound for these first two numbers was deadful. Apparently, it improved for Ria and Mandie’s solo outings of the ‘Lying Game’ and ‘House of the Rising Sun’. Up to this point though vocally precise my lead playing had been poor, so I changed the set and we went into ‘All Along the Watchtower’ which featured some amazing playing from Danny. I used the song to play myself into guitar form (and was very proud of my solo). ‘No Place to Hide’ was spot on and from there the night turned into a really good one.

The second set was a blast and after the encore we were feeling totalled by the blast of energy required to play those songs. the great crowd at Millers would not let us away with that, and a second encore was demanded. After the traditional toast with the crowd we played a really good version of ‘Working Class Gospel Drinking Blues’, which now seems to be a regular second or third encore number. A really high energy performance by the whole Band.

Post performance I was knocked out by the amazing amount of people that wished me well for the forthcoming operation.  Its made me even more determined to come back stronger and complete a new CD which we would hope to release in 2013.

A good night, thanks again for your support







Roadhouse Live at the Hope Tavern, Holton Le Moor – 18/3/2012

A return to one of our fave venues and always a firm bastion of support for this Band. Graham the Govevernor is a top man, always booking top Bands and after 7 prior great gigs here we count him as a firm friend. After he filled us up with his excellent local fare in a blow out Hope Tavern lunch it was a later than usual transformation of this quiet Country Pub into excellent Blues/rock venue. In came the stage the wall hangings and then the famous Hope Tavern crowd.

The crowd here are so in your face that if you make a mistake you can see the reaction, so Rule one, try not to screw up!!!. Mothers Day had culled our usual size of crowd by about 20%, but it was still a strong turn out.

Roadhouse rocking at Skegness 2012

The first set was well played but plagued with sound problems. A perfect sound for the centre of the club was muffled at the back and the guitars were out of balance for the right hand side (apparently).

So the we applied the scientific solution, TURN IT UP!!!!!!
After a blistering second set that left half the Band deaf, loads of people came up and said that it was perfect and totally what they wanted (we just had to get them to write it down)…..
All the second set crowdpleasers were there, we just did not play ‘Dark Angel’ as I was just not in the mood forthat song.. sometimes I feel that the song plays me, only when it wants too, weird!
Rogers drum solo was really great, Bill was spot on in the second set (I could hear him then). The girls and Danny were both amazing.
We roll on in our 21st year….. towards the new CD, 3 songs are nearly completed, one was played at this gig…………Do not forsake us

Review of Dark Angel in Rock Society Magazine

What an absolute joy this CD this is. It’s rock, it’s roll, and at times it’s blues and it’s their eleventh CD. Eleventh?

Fronted by singer/ songwriter and excellent guitarist Gary Boner, who is more than ably supported by permanent cast of four including the superb female vocals of Mandie.G,. and aided by a further three women vocalists they have a winning line up. They rock their blues, but have a definite Skynyrd feel to them more Southern States than the UK where they hail from. Having said that, ‘So Over You’ could have been penned by Santana!

Gary rocking at Skegness! This is an excellent CD – varied and enjoyable throughout. ‘Swamp Girl’ is a stand out Americana, track for me, but it’s hard to choose one favourite over the eclectic mix of great self penned tracks on offer here.