Many thanks to Dave and Adrian for having us back at this major festival. We went down a storm when we here in 2010 so it was great to be back. We were on stage 2 at 18.30 and our competition included Mostly Autumn who were playing on Stage 1.
It was good to catch with lots of old friends backstage including that great young guitar player Ben Poole and the chap that handles our UK PR, Jim Soars.

Thanks for coming
Thanks for coming

In front of a big and enthusiastic crowd the one hour set just seemed to blur by in minutes. Have a look at some of these video clips posted by members of the audience to get an idea of what it was like:

The Big Easy:

Dark Angel:

The set ran approx like this, Hell On Wheels, Rainmaker, Blues Motel, The Big Easy, Dark Angel, Gods & Highways, Tellin Lies, Encore = Preacher Man

Gods & Highways & Old Guitars Version 1:

Gods & Highways & Old Guitars Version 2:

What a great reaction, thanks to all that were there. After coming off stage I was interviewed by the good folk of Cambridge Radio and parts of our set have been broadcast over the last 10 days with the new CD, Gods & highways being featured on their breakfast show. I then did an interview for Radio Caroline and had a good chat with that excellent DJ Trevor Howard from Severn FM who is also currently playing the CD.

Mandie and Danny at Cambridge
Mandie and Danny at Cambridge

As a personal postscript Danny, Mandie and I hung around to Network and from the side of stage 2 I saw a stunning set from Dave Edwards. Bill and I grew up watching this guy in a Band called RDB, where he played with Dennis Stratton who went off to be in Iron Maiden. Totally magic, its weird how things come round full circle

Commiserations to Bill on the death of his brother Terry who was also a part of my life growing up…….. live