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Roadhouse Live At The Skegness National Festival of Blues & Rock – 29/1/2012

The Sunday at this great festival saw the doors of the intimate (approx 500 capacity) JAKS venue being opened for the first time.

We were the first Band to open the night with a peakish 8.30-10.00pm slot. With both Centre and Reds stages in full swing, I had (when negatively minded) visions of us playng to about 2o-30 people. However, our friends and supporters did us proud and we had an excellent turn out. We lost a few people at the time the Feelgood’s were going onto Centre Stage (but at least theyd seen half the set) and then a small amount more when the venue ran out of bitter (what a festival crowd – drank em dry), but overall it’s a massive thanks to all our friends who turned out for us and the support of live music in JAKS (well done Alan Pearce and Blues Matters) on the night.

The Roadhouse Chorusline!

Storming into ‘Tellin Lies’, we played a high energy set, that peaked in various numbers including ‘Voodoo Dance’ and our well regarded cover of the ‘Roadhouse Blues’.  My fave moment was playing ‘Dark Angel’, where we had a few decent shouts for us to play the song and we were able to oblige.  It was one of those nights where I managed to ‘deliver’ on the guitar solo and as the song powered into its climax, it was a time to enjoy the sweat the lights and the atmosphere, even from on on stage perspective.

Weirdest thing about that version was that when we hit the second verse my mind went a blank (nothing new there many of you would cry), but the fact that I managed to invent a new verse totally in the context of the song and arguably a better one than the actual recorded verse was very strange. At the end I wondered whether I’d dreamt it when only last week photographer/journalist Steve Dulieu asked me why and how I’d done it … the brains a funny thing, especially mine!

As for the Band, wed got used to Roger playing behind his perspex barrier and the sound separation which had induced a couple of ‘drop the trapeze’ moments on the Saturday, was dealt with (he was let out at the end with promises of future good behaviour).

Overall, Bill and Roger played it really well while Danny was on a blinder. Mandie got to sing/blast out  ‘Play With Fire’ and Suzie bluesed (is that a word?) it up with her album version of ‘ Stormy Monday’

Danny and Bill get on down at JAKS

At the end it was great to be able to play Preacher Man to our friends and watch people go crazy in the ‘Freebird’ section. The man behind the stage, Mr BM , Alan Pearce (who recieved a wedding anniversary dedication) watched the whole set and it was fantastic to see the planner who put it all together be delighted with the delivery…….

Welcome to 2012…..


Roadhouse Live At The Skegness National Festival of Blues & Rock – 28/1/2012

Our first contribution to the Skegness festival (which was sold out this year) was to play our traditional pre jam session set. It was great to see so many people in the venue early on the Saturday afternoon. And the whole set was played to fantastic support from the crowd. We opened with a storming ‘Too Tired To Pray’ (out of the 8 songs put up by people on Youtube, this is the one I’ve had put in the video section of this website).

Ria's debut on the Skegness Stages  Ria Hallwood made an excellent Skegness debut, impressing many people with her great tone. It was great to have Suzie.D back in what was a 3 girl line up. Suzie always gives the vocals a professional smoothness and musiciality, great job. The picture I’ve put up here by the talented photographer Steve Dulien, gives a real sense of the great atmosphere of the afternoon.

One of the highlights of the set was the debut of the new song ‘I Can’t Say No’ (which is not an autobiographical lament – honestly!). We’ve great hopes for the song!!!

After an encore we were into the jam and at this point there was the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in JAKS. the que to talk to me and sign up for the jam went from the merchandise table across the stage area and close to the entrance. In a mad 10 minute spell, I managed to sign up over 40 great

The Roadhouse Ladies - 'Its the jam and we can have a rest'

musicians.  Over 65 people played in the jam and the overall talent and standard of playing was great. Far too many people to mention all, but it was great to see Carlos play so well. Gizmo made a great contribution to two sets and Sharon from the Blues Bar in Harrogate delivered her great version of ‘Stormy Monday’. It was lovely to get Maggie back up on stage, especially as she had delivered a great set on that stage on the Friday night. Also Sue of BBC fame delivered some vocals that were straight from the soul. The fact that there were 7 harp players kept me on my organisational toes, but I’m pleased to say that by the end all but less than a handful of people got to play.

So many people came up to me over the weekend and told me how the jam was the pinnacle of the festival for them. I am so proud of how many people really have come to love it so much. As long as we have the invitation Roadhouse and I will carry on running the jam as we believe in giving something back to the people.

What a great afternoon


Roadhouse At The Famous Monday Night Blues Club – Mon 19/12/2011

It was an honour and a priviledge to play as the House Band at Philip Guy Davies annual Xmas extravaganza. This great club, run at the back of the Bullingdon in Oxford stares down the rescession and puts on top class music on Monday nights.

We were orginally scheduled to play this event in 2010, but the artic conditions put paid to that idea. This time out we were just fighting against residual December dampness. First we played a really ‘Go fo it’ styled first hour. We opened with Tellin Lies and blasted our way through a very well received 60 minutes, complete with encore.

The format then changed to us providing back line and whatever musical support was required to an entire array of talent that Philip had put together. It was great to see first hand the much vaunted Cherry Lee Mewis (most of the Band going on to catch her set at JAKS in the Skegness festival). Also on the play list were our own legends Jules & Lorna. They dynamic duo were well backed by Bill & Roger and were on top form. I only have to here the tone of that slide guitar and the force of that voice and a whole tribe of memories come running back, top notch stuff…..

On tour in Holland

The amazing 3rd Degree Le Burn toted some amazing guitar and there were other great musicians there to numerous to mention.

I managed to MC the whole thing to finish on time (Just about!). I think all there had one to remember!

A great night


Success at the Major Skegness Festival 2012

Skegness 2012 was a major succes for the Band….

We played an opeining set before the jam to a large crowd in ‘JAKS’ and received an amazing response. In the words of DJ /Critic and all round live blues man, Clive Rawlings, “Thats the best I’ve ever seen you”

We/I then ran the Festival Jam Session. The jam itself was amazing this year, with the que for signing up to play stretching nearly across the whole venue. The quality of what people did at the JAM was exceptional and it was without doubt the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in JAKS. A major thanks to the Butlins staff and especially the soundcrew who were outstanding under the pressure of all the multiple change overs. So many people came up over the course of the festival weekend and said the Jam is the event of the weekend for them. There was even a rumour that I amy not be running one next year, the answer to that is while there is breath in my body and Roadhouse are on the bill, I will keep on running the Jam….its so great to bring musicians together in that way…

Festival Energy

Finally  JAKS was opened for the first time on a Sunday night.  An amazing thanks to Alan Pearce and all at Blues Matters for arranging  great music the entire w/nd at JAKS and securing live music there on a Sunday.

I feared a small crowd but so many thanks to you all for a massive turn out. We lost a few people when the Feelgoods came onto Centre Stage and a few more when the venue had a blip in its supply of bitter. However a monumental 90 minute set flew by and in the end I had to miss out 2 songs. We only repeated one song from the Saturday performance and I felt proud of ust how well the entire band played and sang.  Thanks for being there, so many of you…. YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING AND WE’LL PLAY ON BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT SUPPORT.

Full gig reports to follow across this weekend