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Major High Street Review In R2 Magazine

Though Roadhouse is primarily categorised as a blues band, a listen to this album allows for some dispute – not seriously so, but songs like the driving ‘Rainmaker’ with its country-flavoured introduction, female leads and harmonies over a rock backing akin to The Eagles, or the very dark title track – nice to know that Roadhouse are as unlikely as ever to go happy-clappy on us – demonstrate that throaty frontman Gary Boner and company are no way typical twelve bar boogie merchants.


Danny and Gary at Abbeyfest

Mind you they give us T-Bone Walkers ‘Stormy Monday’ (even if its not quite a straight cover), and there is plenty of blistering guitar work thoughout the entire CD. A latin influence crops up on ‘So Over You’ , and ‘Working Class Gospel Drinking Blues’ presents Gary’s feelings on religion, another of the Bands recurring themes.

Norman Darwen

Three stars

Ravenheart Music Webzine Review – 9/9/11 – Review of Dark Angel

Ravenheart Music Webzine Review – 9th September – Review of Dark Angel

Roadhouse is one of the UK’s most established big stage Blues/Rock acts, offering a collaboration between experienced musicians and much younger talented female vocalists. ‘Dark Angel’ is the latest in a long list of albums that have been released since the band’s formation in 1991. The band is centred around permanent members Gary Boner (guitar and vox), Bill Hobley (Bass), Roger Hunt (Drums), Danny Gwilym (guitar) and Mandie G on vocals. Add to this the female vocals of Suzie D, Rachel Clark, Kelly Marie Hobbs and Samantha Richards, to secure one awesome line up. The music on this release has a Rock/Blues/Gospel feel with influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Creedence Clearwater Revival. I also detect a country feel too, more so on the 7 minute plus ‘Rainmaker’. The male vocals remind me a little of a laid back Alice Cooper (believe it or not), so if you could imagine Alice Cooper making a Rock/Bluesey sounding album, this could be it.

The New Alice Cooper?

There is no song shorter than 4 mins and six songs exceed 6 mins, but you find yourself never getting bored with what you hear. The title track is an awesome 8+ minute ballad, with some dark lyrics…”The Devil Took My Brother, Drunken driver took my Son”….”My Dark Angel, she’s looking down, She’s looking down on me”. This is one of my faves from this album together with the bluesey ‘Stormy Monday’ and the Stevie Nicks sounding ‘Play With Fire’. Overall, this release is very good, so for further info about the band go to and check them out. A pleasant release…8.75/10 (Dave)

Roadhouse Live At Abbeyfest – Merton Abbey Mills – 27/8/2011


'Roadhouse rock out at Abbeyfest'

Well to the last of 3 big festivals in a row…… this one being on home turf. For us it was nice to be back in the headline slot, having shared it with Pappa George last year. We are used to a crowd of around 800-1,000 here, but the weather on the days leading up to the show was terrible. The night before, the audience had got half drowned in the downpoor and all day before our appearance there were showers and dark pendulous cloud formations, much more akin to winter.

So a big thanks to the fates for laying off so that we could perform our show…..and a massive thank you to the 400 or so people who were there. Many said it was the best Roadhouse gig that they had ever seen….

Danny-and-Garry-Abbey-Fest With the amazing Suzie.D joining Mandie on vocal duties the overall sound balance was fantastic (thank to Brian and his crew)….We blasted through our tried and tested festival set, featuring lots of songs from Dark Angel, including a great version of the titl track which brought an ovation from the crowd.

Bill and Roger were bang on form and Danny was whirling round the stage like a dervish, on totally top form……..

It was great to do two sets in those lovely open air surroundings under a Bandstand by the river.

The guitar duel in Rock Me Baby also brought a great reaction from the crowd…………By the end of the encore, Preacher Man it was hard to work out where the 100 minutes had gone. Biggest result of the night was the introduction of new Singer, Ria Hallwood….. Ria came in and sang  ‘No Place To Hide’ and Tellin Lies with us to great effect. It was a kind of ‘Ria Entry’ (Boo boom)……. She’s got such an amazing voice we are sure that there are great things to come….

CD sales were fantastic, a thank you to all


Roadhouse Live At The Rythm Festival – 26/8/2011

It was great to invited to play at Jim Driver’s acclaimed festival. This was a big one, the festival grounds stretching for an enternity, 5 music stages, plus a comedy stage, with enough tents lined up to house an ancient army.

Having battled our way though through Friday night traffic coming out of London en route ot Biggleswade, we were ready for a chance to blow of steam. We were playing inside a very large tented area and the stage Manager Ray was a diamond. Before we went on we met with our new top Publicist, James.H.Soars who is now the force behind the revitalised launch of our new CD, Dark Angel, this coming month. After seeing us at the Cambridge festival James offered his great services, as in his view the CD was ‘Excellent and deserving of a major launch process’. This is much bigger than the CD has had up to this stage.

The tent really filled up before we went on and it was great to see so many Roadhouse regulars in the crowd. A spanking version of ‘Tellin Lies’ later, we were on a 1 hour 20 minute rollercoaster. Suzie.D was back working in tandem with Mandie.G and their vocal blend really is something special, it gives me chills.

The Legendary Mandie.G

Danny.G put on a great show, blistering solos and he was all over the stage like a man possesed. The girls solo specials led to the first playing of ‘Dark Angel’ itself, for over 2 months. The song worked a dream…..the only glitch was that when we came to the 3rd verse (which is my fave) I totally blanked on it. I impressed myself by inventing a whole new 3rd verse, which was actualy pretty good – the brain is a funny thing and since my recent surgery, mine’s even funnier than it used to be!!!!!.

Onto ‘Voodoo Queen’ and we just managed to squeeze in the encore of ‘Preacher Man’ with a 3 minute overun – squeaky bum time on the set timing there.
All in all it was a great show and the audience reaction was amazing throughout.
Hopefully we have done enough to be back next year…..thanks to all that came, you are the people that keep us going
Keep the faith – Gary

Dark Angel, Revitalised, Major Launch = News As At 4th Sept 2011

Dark Angel Revitalised, Major Launch – Current News – As at 4th September 2011

Following three great performances at major festivals in August, where we really delivered at the Cambridge Rock Festival, Rythm Festival and Merton Abbey Mills. One great consequence of these performances is that expert and well known Publicist, James.H.Soars   ,  has picked up the promotion of Dark Angel, which will now have a complete launch to UK press and radio over the next month. We’ll keep everyone in the loop over the course of this exciting events.

Special Diary Dates: – Friday 9th September – Blakeney Harbour Rooms (big return to Norfolk) featuring new vocalist Ria Hallwood……

Sept 16-18th – Tour of Midlands …check gig guide

October 23rd – Launch of our new DVD at the Boom Boom Club, Sutton FC….