Though Roadhouse is primarily categorised as a blues band, a listen to this album allows for some dispute – not seriously so, but songs like the driving ‘Rainmaker’ with its country-flavoured introduction, female leads and harmonies over a rock backing akin to The Eagles, or the very dark title track – nice to know that Roadhouse are as unlikely as ever to go happy-clappy on us – demonstrate that throaty frontman Gary Boner and company are no way typical twelve bar boogie merchants.

Danny and Gary at Abbeyfest

Mind you they give us T-Bone Walkers ‘Stormy Monday’ (even if its not quite a straight cover), and there is plenty of blistering guitar work thoughout the entire CD. A latin influence crops up on ‘So Over You’ , and ‘Working Class Gospel Drinking Blues’ presents Gary’s feelings on religion, another of the Bands recurring themes.

Norman Darwen

Three stars