Ravenheart Music Webzine Review – 9th September – Review of Dark Angel

Roadhouse is one of the UK’s most established big stage Blues/Rock acts, offering a collaboration between experienced musicians and much younger talented female vocalists. ‘Dark Angel’ is the latest in a long list of albums that have been released since the band’s formation in 1991. The band is centred around permanent members Gary Boner (guitar and vox), Bill Hobley (Bass), Roger Hunt (Drums), Danny Gwilym (guitar) and Mandie G on vocals. Add to this the female vocals of Suzie D, Rachel Clark, Kelly Marie Hobbs and Samantha Richards, to secure one awesome line up. The music on this release has a Rock/Blues/Gospel feel with influences from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Creedence Clearwater Revival. I also detect a country feel too, more so on the 7 minute plus ‘Rainmaker’. The male vocals remind me a little of a laid back Alice Cooper (believe it or not), so if you could imagine Alice Cooper making a Rock/Bluesey sounding album, this could be it.

The New Alice Cooper?

There is no song shorter than 4 mins and six songs exceed 6 mins, but you find yourself never getting bored with what you hear. The title track is an awesome 8+ minute ballad, with some dark lyrics…”The Devil Took My Brother, Drunken driver took my Son”….”My Dark Angel, she’s looking down, She’s looking down on me”. This is one of my faves from this album together with the bluesey ‘Stormy Monday’ and the Stevie Nicks sounding ‘Play With Fire’. Overall, this release is very good, so for further info about the band go to www.roadhousegb.co.uk and check them out. A pleasant release…8.75/10 (Dave)