'Roadhouse rock out at Abbeyfest'

Well to the last of 3 big festivals in a row…… this one being on home turf. For us it was nice to be back in the headline slot, having shared it with Pappa George last year. We are used to a crowd of around 800-1,000 here, but the weather on the days leading up to the show was terrible. The night before, the audience had got half drowned in the downpoor and all day before our appearance there were showers and dark pendulous cloud formations, much more akin to winter.

So a big thanks to the fates for laying off so that we could perform our show…..and a massive thank you to the 400 or so people who were there. Many said it was the best Roadhouse gig that they had ever seen….

Danny-and-Garry-Abbey-Fest With the amazing Suzie.D joining Mandie on vocal duties the overall sound balance was fantastic (thank to Brian and his crew)….We blasted through our tried and tested festival set, featuring lots of songs from Dark Angel, including a great version of the titl track which brought an ovation from the crowd.

Bill and Roger were bang on form and Danny was whirling round the stage like a dervish, on totally top form……..

It was great to do two sets in those lovely open air surroundings under a Bandstand by the river.

The guitar duel in Rock Me Baby also brought a great reaction from the crowd…………By the end of the encore, Preacher Man it was hard to work out where the 100 minutes had gone. Biggest result of the night was the introduction of new Singer, Ria Hallwood….. Ria came in and sang  ‘No Place To Hide’ and Tellin Lies with us to great effect. It was a kind of ‘Ria Entry’ (Boo boom)……. She’s got such an amazing voice we are sure that there are great things to come….

CD sales were fantastic, a thank you to all