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Gods & Highways & Old Guitars

added: 24 Aug 2013 // release date: 19 Aug 2013 // label: Kross Border
reviewer: Andy Snipper
Roadhouse – Gods & Highways & Old Guitars – Printable version
We all know that this is a world of injustice but the fact that Roadhouse are not one of the biggest selling acts around leaves me nonplussed even so. This is a terrific album from one of Britain’s most established bands and it deserves to be top of anyone’s playlist.

Right from the roaring ‘Hell On Wheels’ loaded with attitude from the triple threat of Mandie G, Sarah Harvey-Smart and Suzie D and on to the tear-ass ‘Can’t Say No’ with Gary Boner’s throaty vocals and searing guitar this had me bouncing around the room in delight.

They sit mainly in the Americana camp with strong Blues and rock elements but they are at their are at their best in Fleetwood Mac-esque territory like the eerie ‘Skinwalker’ with its jangly guitars and harmonies from the three ladies alongside big drum sound from Roger Hunt. Danny Gwilym’s guitar solo is dark and has a touch of the Original American smoke to it – just a brilliant band piece all round.

The title track is a classic road song and ‘Katrina’ has deep feeling for New Orleans losses but manages to avoid the cliché of blame by focussing on the terror of the hurricane and its effect on the cities people at the time. That it leads into ‘The Big Easy’ is obviously not an accident.
Closer ‘Sinner’ is another dark piece with a distinctly Americana feel but my personal favourite track is ‘Blues Motel’ – six and a half minutes of chugging perfection with a ZZ top boogie to it.
All told, a brilliant album and full of little joys; expect it to be featuring in a lot of end of year charts, it really is a brilliant album

4 Stars