Blues Matters – National Blues Magazine – Review 1 of Gods & Highways & Old Guitars – August 2013
Gods & Highways & Old Guitars

Roadhouse at CRF - Photo by Martyn Turner
Roadhouse at CRF – Photo by Martyn Turner

CD Krossborder Records
Sure looks like a blues album. Interesting and creative cover art. It sure is blues-influenced. And this is a new record label for British blues. Checking out the band’s website I’ve managed to confirm the refreshing innovation of Roadhouse in their inclusion of not one, but up to three female vocalists, and I just wish they’d have flagged up a bit more detail on who-sings-what on which track in the 8 page liner booklet. So here’s a name check – Mandie-G, Sarah Harvey-Smart and Suzie.D. This is strident, guitar-dominant blues-rock, where each track inspires an old freak like me to strut with a little geriatric air-guitar posturing (when no-one is looking) as I tread the carpet in front of a cranked-up stereo. The production is exemplary, the songs, especially Hell on Wheels, Blues Motel and the excellent Sinner all chug along like a steam loco with the brakes off with an exhilarating mix of vocal styles. Great for listening to in the car, but play it loud, and as an enticer to see them live, it’s as good a calling card as you could wish for. This proves that whatever they can lay down in the legendary studios