Skegness 2012 was a major succes for the Band….

We played an opeining set before the jam to a large crowd in ‘JAKS’ and received an amazing response. In the words of DJ /Critic and all round live blues man, Clive Rawlings, “Thats the best I’ve ever seen you”

We/I then ran the Festival Jam Session. The jam itself was amazing this year, with the que for signing up to play stretching nearly across the whole venue. The quality of what people did at the JAM was exceptional and it was without doubt the biggest crowd I’ve ever seen in JAKS. A major thanks to the Butlins staff and especially the soundcrew who were outstanding under the pressure of all the multiple change overs. So many people came up over the course of the festival weekend and said the Jam is the event of the weekend for them. There was even a rumour that I amy not be running one next year, the answer to that is while there is breath in my body and Roadhouse are on the bill, I will keep on running the Jam….its so great to bring musicians together in that way…

Festival Energy

Finally  JAKS was opened for the first time on a Sunday night.  An amazing thanks to Alan Pearce and all at Blues Matters for arranging  great music the entire w/nd at JAKS and securing live music there on a Sunday.

I feared a small crowd but so many thanks to you all for a massive turn out. We lost a few people when the Feelgoods came onto Centre Stage and a few more when the venue had a blip in its supply of bitter. However a monumental 90 minute set flew by and in the end I had to miss out 2 songs. We only repeated one song from the Saturday performance and I felt proud of ust how well the entire band played and sang.  Thanks for being there, so many of you…. YOU PEOPLE ARE AMAZING AND WE’LL PLAY ON BECAUSE OF YOUR GREAT SUPPORT.

Full gig reports to follow across this weekend