Roadhouse Live At The Rythm Festival – 26/8/2011

It was great to invited to play at Jim Driver’s acclaimed festival. This was a big one, the festival grounds stretching for an enternity, 5 music stages, plus a comedy stage, with enough tents lined up to house an ancient army.

Having battled our way though through Friday night traffic coming out of London en route ot Biggleswade, we were ready for a chance to blow of steam. We were playing inside a very large tented area and the stage Manager Ray was a diamond. Before we went on we met with our new top Publicist, James.H.Soars who is now the force behind the revitalised launch of our new CD, Dark Angel, this coming month. After seeing us at the Cambridge festival James offered his great services, as in his view the CD was ‘Excellent and deserving of a major launch process’. This is much bigger than the CD has had up to this stage.

The tent really filled up before we went on and it was great to see so many Roadhouse regulars in the crowd. A spanking version of ‘Tellin Lies’ later, we were on a 1 hour 20 minute rollercoaster. Suzie.D was back working in tandem with Mandie.G and their vocal blend really is something special, it gives me chills.

The Legendary Mandie.G

Danny.G put on a great show, blistering solos and he was all over the stage like a man possesed. The girls solo specials led to the first playing of ‘Dark Angel’ itself, for over 2 months. The song worked a dream…..the only glitch was that when we came to the 3rd verse (which is my fave) I totally blanked on it. I impressed myself by inventing a whole new 3rd verse, which was actualy pretty good – the brain is a funny thing and since my recent surgery, mine’s even funnier than it used to be!!!!!.

Onto ‘Voodoo Queen’ and we just managed to squeeze in the encore of ‘Preacher Man’ with a 3 minute overun – squeaky bum time on the set timing there.
All in all it was a great show and the audience reaction was amazing throughout.
Hopefully we have done enough to be back next year…..thanks to all that came, you are the people that keep us going
Keep the faith – Gary

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