Roadhouse At The New Inn Witney

After all the high profile shows we have done in recent months, it was our turn to do something for live music at more of  a roots level….

Martin the Landlord is a great guy and has a real passion to try and get the New Inn off the ground as a venue. However, the crowd size was  dissapointing overall and seems to be transient in it’s nature. People tend to circulate around the many watering holes of  Witney at the weekends.

However, we turned in a great performance. The whole night was made worthwhile from our perspective by the return to the group of Rachel Clark. Rachel turned in a stunning performance and is now available as member of our incredibly talented squad of female singers.

Upwards and onwards…..

Go and support live music at this great little venue. The crowds and dynamic needs to change before we consider coming back.

Thanks for your support

Gary & The Band

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