So after the longest break in Roadhouse’s 21 year, 11 album history we returned to live performance. I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the long period of my recovery from major surgery (especially for the week that I was effectively blind).

Thanks to the people of Halling for choosing us to be the main act for their annual festival. A special thanks to Trevor and his team for looking after us so well. The community centre hall was enormous and though the gig was on the hottest day of the year we kicked off the first set to nearly 100 people which I think in the current climate of recession is pretty good going.

After a layoff of over 3 months we were surprisingly good and star of the show was debute Sarah Harvey-Smart, who has the voice, image and talent to go on to become one of the best ever Roadhouse female vocalists (and the whole performance just based on about 3-4 hours coaching with Mandie). The harmonies in Dark Angel were amazing, the entire vocal textures sounding rich and creamy on what was a great version of the song…She did well on her solo vocal too

We threw in a few judicous covers to help the non initiated relate a little more easily to the experience, but overall it was a night to celebrate original music. The new song Hell on Wheels with its storming electric ‘Yeehah’ fiddle sounding riff, had quite a few people asking to buy the CD it’s on. All we have to do is record the new album!

'G Force'      There was time for a second encore, after a big Tellin Lies, Preacher Man finish, we had to sing the intro of Working Class Gospel Drinking Blues to Danny who was having a mental abberation……For me personally the night was a big success. The hurdle of that first gig has been jumped and with plenty in the tank to spare (so to speak)….so well done Sarah, upwards and onwards


Come and see us soon, its fresh and improved, keep us rocking

Keep the faith