Roadhouse Live at the National Festival of Rock & Blues, Skegness – Sunday 17th Jan 2013 Our main festival appearance was from 20.30 – 22.00 on the JAKS stage on the Sunday evening. the previous year was the first year JAKS had been open on a Sunday night and the good sized crowds delighted all. However, this time we were up against both main stages as only one had been operating in 2012. With 10 minutes to showtime I thought ‘Well at least its a reasonable sized crowd’. However, from 15 minutes into our set the room was packed. I cannot tell you how much the Band and I appreciated the support.

Danny leads to way into the unknown (New numbers)!
Danny leads the way into the unknown (New numbers)!

This set was all about featuring new numbers from the forthcoming CD, ‘Gods & Highways & Old Guitars’. Mandie has the lead vocal on the title track and its first play went really well. We’ve been playing the new song ‘Hell on Wheels’ for quite a while now and the heavy rock/country riff catapulted us through another winner. Sarah performed another new song, ‘Slow Down’, in which the chorus has a duet style trade off with Mandie. this was also well received and you can see a video of this performance on Youtube, as filmed randomly from the crowd, by the following the link below:


We had opened up with ‘Tellin Lies’  =    –  and then we played the new nummber ‘I Can’t Say No’ followed by a cracking version of ‘Dark Angel’. Suzie.D took centre stage for a brilliant version of ‘The Big Easy’ from the Broken Land CD. How she can remember all these songs and immediately create 3 part harmonies is beyond me, ‘brilliant’!

I toasted the crowd, very sincerely at the start of our drinking song ‘The Working Class Gospel Drinking Blues’. That little rocker turned into a nice little 4 minute kick arse party. The encore was, as ever ‘Preacher Man’. The reaction was superb and as many have told me, “It was the best Roadhouse gig  for years”. As we accepted loads more advance orders for the new CD it was great to see our good friend Robin Bibi take the stage with his usual blend of excellent musician and showmanship. A great weekend!

Here’s to next year, thanks for the great support!

Gary & The Band