We’d been gigging hard to promote Dark Angel and I felt had earned 3 weeks off. We came to East Harling for this friendly little show, a venue that we’ve played at for the last 7 years, mainly to warm up again.

They are friendly lot at East Harling and it was nice to see two good groups of Roadhouse ‘Die hards’ as well as long time friend and supporter, the excellent photographer, Alan Harvey.

Overall, it was a quiet night on the crowd front. However, we had a good night and instead of being ring rusty, the Band were on great form. We brought one or two additional covers into the set to cope with the social club type nature of the venue and audience, ‘Not Fade Away’ going very well, despite a long absence from the set list.

Mandie and Sam seem to form more of an understanding every time that they sing together and the new harmonies on ‘Rock Me Baby’ were great. Vocally I was on top form, I mention this because since this gig I’ve had some problems with straining my voice and losing range. This has happened from fairly early in the first set onwards. Bill and Roger were really ‘tight’ and it seemed like they had not had a break at all.

Roger Hunt

Even though there was only about 40 people there, there was a remarkable shout for an encore and it was our pleasure to oblige

We return to East Harling on the 12th November.