Our first visit to this established Blues Club in Derbyshire. The recently refurbished room was quite an obstacle, as the sound was incredibly boomy and loud. Roger was laying off of the kit and it still sounded as if it was massively miked up!

However, after we managed to get the sound balance under control this was a great gig. A massive thanks to all the Roadhouse fans who made the journey to see us that night, what a great turnout. We even had a guy who drove up from Bognor!. A special thanks for all the people who saw us on the main stage at Skegness this year and came back for more.

Set wise we again heavily featured songs from the new CD, Dark Angel. ‘Too Tired Too Pray’, ‘Rainmaker’, ‘Swamp Girl’ and ‘Working  Class Gospel Drinking Blues’ all had a good airing. One of the many stand outs of the night was how the Band are settled into playing ‘Play with Fire’, Mandie’s lead vocal on the new album.

Encores abounded and CD/DVD sales were really positive. Its nights like this one that keep the Band going. thanks to all for your great support

Gary                                                                                                                                         The legendary Bill Hobley