Roadhouse Live At The Podium, Schiedam (Rotterdam), Netherlands – 12/5/2011

A return to this great canal side venue . Our Dutch agent and super friend Hester had as usual paved the way for this show. After a record breaking drive and ferry journey to Schiedam in which Roger only had 4 attacks of road rage (he’s mellowing out!) we arrived at Hester’s. Time for a blow out dinner and rapid consumption of red wine before the difficult canal side unloading at the Podium.

It was a shame that it was quiet in this really atmospheric venue. However, a good influx of people just before the start took the crowd to respectable levels (but not to the levels of the packed house we played to last time). This was Sam’s first trip to Europe with us and the crowd soon took her to their hearts, as she delivered great versions of ‘The Lying Game’ and ‘ The Big Easy’ .

We played a much rockier set here than usual and by the end there was much legendary Podium table hammering and shouts for more.

At the end of the evening their was some grouching from the Management with regard to our overall volume, whch apparently was at global thermo nuclear levels. As we left at around 2am, we heard the beginning of a nice row between them and their sound engineer, the charismatic Louie.

The next day Hester took us for a barbacue at a lovely plot of land that she owns on the outskirts of Schiedam. It was great for the Band to chill and spend time with one another for a change. We were then invited to play at a jam being held at the Podium for a local band friend and musician. Within five minutes of our arrival Mandie and I were on stage to a packed house belting out ‘Stormy Monday’ alongside local guitarist Frank. Sam soon joined us for ‘Rock Me Baby’ and then Danny was riffing it out on his own with the locals.

So it was a day off, but somehow we had managed to play another show……. Belgium tomorrow