Our last show before a brief (but in my view, well deserved summer break)….Playing at this legendary riverside Jazz venue we were able to feature a number of friends on an all star bill.

First on were the excellent Delta Ladies, a super outfit in their own right, but featuring many members of the acclaimed Band, ‘Elephant Shelf’. Fronted by Vicky Martin and featuring some stand up double bass, plus the superb fiddle playing of Diana, the good sized crowd had a roots music feast.

Next up was a special treat, the return of legendary Roadhouse guitar player Drew Barron, returned from Canada. Drew played for the Band for over 3 years and is a big  favourite with Roadhouse fans. His superb contribution to the Broken Land CD more than stands the test of time. Playing with John US Scott on bass and our very own Roger Hunt on drums, Drew blasted out a great rocking set …

We were up next……Mandie was joined by the excellent Rachel Clarke on vocals (shame she had a bit of throat infection) and the set was a stormer…….Blues Highway, Too Tired To Pray, Rainmaker, Swamp Girl, the Lying Game, House of the Rising Sun. They all blurred by to a great crowd reaction. Next up, Drew joined us for a monumental version of Voodoo Queen and the invitable rock out on the encore Preacher Man. Drew and Danny guitars to the sunset, delieved that 4-5  minute feebird style outro, with some style……. A great night.

Drew Barron Rocks Out

The magnificent Blues Icon, John OLleary joined members of Roadhouse on stage for a final song as my ‘fave’ Monday for a long time came to an end..

Thanks for your magnificent support and to all our great, talented friends