What a great venue, big stage, PA, lovely seating area, large capacity.  A lot of the big Bands have played this venue which is in the mid point of its first year of existence.  As usual, with any new venue its a struggle until it’s name gets known….Well done to Bob for running this great place. Bob’s partner in this venture is the soundman and he was amazing. according to many Roadhouse regulars it was the best sound they had ever heard at a Roadhouse gig

Another great feature of the place is that the resident DJ is none another than our very own Mr Clive Rawlings, DJ Journalist and agent for Shelflife productions… Clive played some cool tunes…..

What really made this gig was the appearance of Roadhouse legend Suzi.D, working with Mandie in the classic pairing that has seen us acheive so much success and critical acclaim…

Of course both ourselves and the Jook House would have liked a bigger crowd, but only about 6-8 people were brought in by the publicity/walked in off the street. Another  20 or so Roadhouse fans and friends joined in the fun and along with the staff and their friends, there was enough people to make it feel like a proper show (and god were the people their noisy – it was brilliant)…

'God, can she sing'

The band blasted out two long sets and were well up for the show. Great versions of “The Lying Game” and “The Big Easy” by Suzie (Suzie shown in centre of picture). A marathon “Roadhouse Blues” was one of the highlights, as well as a storming “Voodoo Queen”. The party peices on the band introduction section of Voodoo Quuen, were nice and ‘camp’ as well as technically on the money. There was a big shout for an  encore and so we ended the night with a full on version of “Preacher Man”..

So overall, a great shame that more people were not there to enjoy a great venue and a great show. However, according to Bob we will be back and hopefully things will have picked up for this exceptional venue.