Our first gig at this great venue. It took a few years to arrange but after the audience reaction and the great comments on their website we know that we will be back next year.

With a 14.15 start and bright sunshine outside, I wondered about the crowd, but this place has a lot of very knowledgeable music lovers and they stayed with us through two full on sets. Danny was on top form and by the end of the afternoon at least 5 people came up to me and said that he was the best guitar player that they had seen for years. He was using a different amp set up and his sound was sensational.

Sarah Rocks!
Sarah Rocks

The vocals were not quite as good as usual as we struggled with the venues single monitor. However the girls nailed their solo numbers. the music however was really spot on.With the crowd totally behind us we really piled the rockier stuff on. The first set was a blast just like the second. The girls were well ‘looked after’ and in favour with the crowd. Mandie was out and about and dancing in and with the crowd towards the end. There was a good version of ‘Voodoo Dance’, plus ‘Rainmaker’ went down a storm. The new song “I Can’t Say No” was given a decent outing and I reckon that will be up to standard again by the next gig .The twin guitar section worked a treat!

The best gig yet since the return from our enforced break………We’ll be back to this great place! Gary