Our run of good form continued into this relatively local show, where I’m delighted to say we achieved the record attendance so far this year. Things have been on the up at the Colourhouse since our good friend Robin Bibi and his partners took over in late 2012.

Live at the Colourhouse - Photo by Steve
‘ Live at the Colourhouse – Photo by Band Photographer Steve.D

We heavily featured new material and ‘Katrina’, Sarah’s lead, ‘Slow Down’, ‘Hell On Wheels’ and ‘Gods & Highways & Old Guitars’ were all given to a strong reception. I had a really good time with one of my better solos in ‘Dark Angel’ and overall the whole Band was on the money. The ‘home’ crowd were right behind us from the off and with the Band playing so well a lot of people were playing spot the Mandie as they were yet to see her with her youthful new hairstyle and many did not recognise her, so strong is the transformation. Bill and Roger were really tight and Danny cast his spells across a solid foundation. We saw so many old friends on the night, including some who had not supported the Band in nearly 10 years. great to see you back!. We will back at this lovely Theatre music club before the end of the year. roll on the New CD.Thanks for the great support.