Roadhouse Live at Legends Blues/Rock Club – Tamworth – 22/3/2013

We drove into the mouth of the blizzard for this one. Against the wisdom of a severe weather warning, we drove through appalling conditions to this great venue. After all the name of this game is never letting people down. We were at Legends for the first time and were positively surprised as to what a great venue it was. A nice big venue with a large well lit stage, great PA and engineer and a clever second space where the house support Band play (so no messy turnarounds, very clever).

Chris is the top man at this venue and he really looked after us. He’s put something together that had over 60 people turn up through a full scale snowstorm to see this gig. Usually he gets over 60 more, so this club is a venue on the rise. We hope to come back at some point (fingers crossed)

Roadhouse Live 2013

Roadhouse Live 2013

We played a 1 hour 20 minute set straight though. Highlights for me were ‘Dark Angel’, ‘Gods & Highways & Old Guitars’, ‘Rainmaker’ and ‘Hell on Wheels’. We introduced the whole band on ‘Telling Lies’ and the finished with ‘Preacher Man’. Then there was a seamless switch back to the house band and a hosted jam session which gave us time to get away a bit early into the snow. About 20 miles on we ran out of road as the snow just came heavier and heavier. Still we made it home and a big thanks to Roger, Bill and Danny who were on the artic driving duties.


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